Death of the Corpse Wizard

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Instructions and Controls:

Basic Controls

  • Use WASD to move in the cardinal directions.
  • Hold K plus a direction to place a column using your Corpse Magic. This will cost you one vitality.
  • Hold J plus a direction to produce a bolt of magic. This costs two vitality, but saps one vitality from each monster it hits and gives it to you. You can destroy your own columns by attacking them but your magical bolts will not penetrate them.
  • Press the space bar or `.` to skip your turn.

Inventory Controls

  • Press `q` to move your inventory selection left, and `e` to move it to the right.
  • `r` uses the currently selected item.
  • Some inventory items are directional. If the inventory selector blinks, press a direction button to use the item in that direction.

Play Notes

A zap gives you one vitality for every monster you hit with it, so try to line up multiple monsters if you can.

Press Space to restart, once you've died.