Meringues for Merveilles

Vegan Meringues

This is a very simple recipe for Vegan Meringues. Despite the very simple nature of the recipe, the meringues are delicious and essentially indistinguishable from those made with eggs.

The key is to use the so-called “Aqua Faba” - the liquid from a can of Fava Beans or Chick Peas. This has enough in common with egg whites to whip up and hold solid while baking.

A batch of complete meringues in a bowl. They are white, hard, apparently light, cookie shaped objects.

Non-dithered image here.


  1. The liquid from a can of chick peas
  2. 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar
  3. 1/3 a cup of sugar (a tablespoon of honey might work).
  4. (optional) a cap full of Vanilla extract or other flavoring.


Whip the juice into a froth and then add the cream of tarter. Continue whipping while adding the sugar and optional flavoring. Whip until peaks are firm and dry (might be easier with a stand mixer but should be possible by hand).

Dollop onto a latex baking mat and put in an oven at around 200 F for 2 or more hours to dry out. Because of the low temperature needed to cook these, you should be able to do them in an impromptu solar oven on a clear day.