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Brevity is the soul of wit, they say, so here goes: I am Vincent Toups.

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  1. Spelling Errors in “Death of the Corpse Wizard”, and Some Thoughts About the Game

    In Fragment 1:
    “is severly water damaged” -> “is severely water damaged”

    In Fragment 3:
    “Hei Zsikv of Horencburg” -> “Hei Zsikv of Horenceburg”

    In Fragment 4:
    “remained myterious until” -> “remained mysterious until”
    “the Emporer never” -> “the Emperor never”

    Please to keep at it with this thing. I think it’s important. This game has the makings of one of those few that is both satisfying to play and distils the form down to its elemental constituents. Another brogue or Spelunky.

    Right now gameplay is degenerate; it isn’t too hard to play forever without even building any columns. I bet you could solve this by adding something.

    But don’t add too much. I think less is more with this sort of thing.

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