(N.B.: This is mostly exploratory work and as such doesn't really try to be cross browser - your best bet is a recent Chrome or Chromium, but some clocks work in recent Firefox or Safari.)

`Clocks` is a collection of experiments in so-called `generative art`. Each clock is a piece which at least superficially functions as an actual clock, but it also includes a generative component.

Since these pieces are essentially etudes, it is a bit rich to suggest that they cover any particular theme, but at least one idea has emerged as important: the relationship between the clock, which is fixed in its motion, and the dynamic components of each piece is a cute context to dramatize non-linear dynamics.

Emergence is another important goal of the clocks. None of these clocks use explicit random numbers, and yet most of them produce unique generative art works each time they are loaded. All such novel structure derives from the complexity of the rules which update the clocks themselves and the fact that these rules are coupled with a deterministic clock in some fashion.

All these clocks are implemented in Gazelle, a Lisp-like language which I created to work with Javascript, and one or two of them use Processing.js

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