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Not-so-live Blogging new “Death of the Corpse Wizard” changes

Some updates to “Death of the Corpse Wizard”:



Skeletons now behave much more intelligently and will try to slowly break walls if they cannot find a path to you.

Brutes do twice the damage they used to the player.

Wizard bolts do not travel through walls.  Using a bolt will cost you one health but give you one health for each monster it hits, so lining monsters up is the best way to gain ground in health/vitality.

Play the game here.

Liveblogging Adding a New Monster Type to “Death of the Corpse Wizard”

Hi folks.  Yesterday I developed a complete, but tiny and probably not fun, game called “Death of the Corpse Wizard”:

Death Screen

Death Screen


The point, yesterday, was to get me over the hump of having created my first entirely playable game.  Today I’m going to try to add features to the game which make it more fun.  

I’ll be updating this post as go, as usual.  

Today’s goal is to add a different monster type and to modify the behavior of the Skeletons.  Presently there is but one kind of monster, skeletons: skeletons spawn anywhere on the screen and always move towards the player by selecting the square which is closest to the player’s position.  If the square the want to move onto is blocked by a pillar, which the player is able to create, then they attack the pillar first.

The revisions planned for today will make the Skeletons track a path around the pillars, if they can, while a second, tougher monster type will behave as the skeletons do now.

UPDATE: 1:54pm, Strasbourg Time:

Added the new monster sprite.  Next I am going to integrate pathfinding from an external library.



UPDATE 4:03PM Strasbourg Time

I’ve added the second monster type with its own unique behavior and modified the Skeletons.  Now the brutes will break your walls as you build them and the skeletons will try to find a path into your fortress if one exists.

Right now they sit around doing nothing if they can’t see one, so I’d like to modify the behavior so that they try to get as close as possible until a wall opens up.



Check out the new aggressive little guys!

UPDATE 5:46 pm, Strasbourg Time

Now it has some real game elements!
You can zap multiple monsters at a time, which encourages you to construct walls to direct them into lines.  The zap special effect is invisible for now, but I can fix that later.
And there is a second monster type which smashes through walls.  So a nice little game.  I can already see how to balance the game to make it more fun.


I’m done for the day, so here is a link to the current version.

Watch as I Liveblog “Death of the Corpse Wizard” development.

I’ve always wanted to make videogames. I’ve been programming in one way or another for nearly half my life, so you’d think I would have created at least one so far, but usually my scope gets too big and I end grinding to a halt or getting distracted by something else. Today I’m trying something different. For the rest of the day I’ll be liveblogging, at this post, my development of a small game called `Death of the Corpse Wizard.` I’ll be using HTML5/Canvas, Javascript, an Oryx Tileset I bought, and a game design I thought of in the shower yesterday. Here is the inaugural image:

Hello World

Hello World


Very briefly the game intends to be an “Arena Roguelike”.  Your character sits in the center of the screen and enemies approach from all sides.  If an enemy bumps into you, you lose one vitality.  If you bump into an enemy you take one vitality from it (most monsters have only one vitality).  You may also choose, on your turn, to use a vitality to build or reinforce a wall, which costs one vitality.   Monsters can attack walls and when the wall’s vitality is reduced to zero, it disappears.  The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. 

For now, those are the only rules.

Watch this space for updates.

Update 11:30 am, Strasbourg Time

Tile Sheet Support

Tile Sheet Support

I’ve finished support for Tile Sheets and loaded the Oryx sheet.  Named a few tiles.  

I’m working on the visual aspects first because they provide pleasing feedback.  I will now start the game engine.  

161 LOC so far, not counting libraries.

Update 12:53 pm, Strasbourg Time




I’ve added the entities and systems required for drawing the player, set up the user controls, and implemented Tweening so that the player sprite moves smoothly.  Since this is now “playable”, I also uploaded the game here, so you can play it.

Some tidbits about the development process: I’m using Kran, an awesome, lightweight entity-component system which deserves more attention.  It is the same system I used to generate my clocks.

3:30 pm, Strasbourg Time

Timers, Spawners

Timers, Spawners

I have added turn-based timer logic, spawners, and the ability to create walls.  Plus an HUD that shows the player’s vitality.

You can play the most recent version of the game here.

5:12 pm, Strasbourg Time

The game is now playable and you can even lose, sort of: monsters have AI and can attack you, you can kill them, and they can reduce your health to zero.



6:04 pm, Strasbourg Time

Death Screen

Death Screen

Added a death screen and death condition!  It will probably be the start screen too, at some point.


6:53 pm, Strasbourg Time



Death of the Corpse Wizard is now entirely playable: it has a goal, challenged, and failure conditions.  I’m going to declare my first ever single-day Game Jam a success!